Work in Canada PLUS (for Irish citizens)

SWAP Work in Canada PLUS (for Irish citizens) - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

  • Please Note: Our Work in Canada Plus program is now closed for 2019. Please check back here in the fall of 2019 for information on the upcoming 2020 year.

    Work, travel, and explore the Great White North with SWAP! Whether you’re ready to dive into the job market right away, hit the ski slopes, get to know your city, or head out on an epic road trip, let SWAP show you how it’s done so you can make the most out of your working holiday.

    SWAP will help you from the very first steps of your working holiday journey, providing customized Recognized Organization support with your IEC application; we then offer our full assistance upon arrival and throughout your time in Canada. We’ll help you find your dream job, navigate living and working in a new country, and connect with other travellers. Looking to secure that perfect ski resort job out in Whistler? Ready to experience the vibrancy and multiculturalism of Toronto? Hearing the call of the wild from the Yukon? No problem — we’re here to assist you from coast to coast to coast. Your SWAP Canada experience encompasses almost everything you can think of — and a lot of the things you haven’t!

    So what are you waiting for? Bust out your best toque, and join the community at SWAP Work in Canada, your very own “home away from home” here in Canada.

  • Your Visa

    A two-year working holiday open permit, allowing you to work anywhere in Canada! You must be an Irish national with a valid Irish passport, and be between the ages of 18-35.

    What sets us apart? Besides our awesome services (read on to learn more!), we offer RO support in the pool process to receive your Invitation to Apply.

  • Local Support in Canada

    We're here to help, eh! From securing a job to joining us for cheeky pints at hockey games, SWAP will be in your corner.

  • Jobs

    Let us help you swap your CV to a resume with our one-on-one assistance, job strategizing, and guidance. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you’ll stand out to Canadian employers so you can start working quickly, no matter where in this big country you want to go! You’re never alone in the job hunt with SWAP: you’ll have access to our exclusive employer connections and resources, speciality job fairs, and staff ready to help you find a job that works for you. Whether you’re seeking the perfect ski season, to live and work in Canadian wilderness, to advance your career with professional work in your field, or to gain new skill-sets in completely new environments, SWAP will point you in the right direction.

    • Exclusive job boards (online and in-office)
    • Exclusive employer connections
    • Access to computers, internet, and printers
    • Speciality job fairs; bi-monthly newsletters with job information
    • One-on-one resume review and in-person consultations
    • Interview tips & tricks and help in crafting the perfect application!
    • Assistance in navigating forms and paperwork

  • Social Community / Events

    Join the SWAP family! The best thing about SWAP is the community you’ll be a part of — hang out in our hosting centres, attend our many events, and meet likeminded individuals who could become roommates, coworkers, travel companions, and friends. You’ll automatically become part of a thriving social network of participants from all over, meaning your Canadian family will extend not just throughout Canada, but the world! From pub nights to uniquely Canadian experiences like curling, SWAP will make sure you reach those #squadgoals.

    Take advantage of:

    • Social events (hockey games, cultural events, hikes, canoe trips, pub nights)
    • Hosting centres for you to network at, meet likeminded travellers, potential roommates and friends
    • Exclusive social media channels to connect with other SWAP participants
    • Active membership for your entire working holiday
    • Travel tips

  • SWAP's Canadian Support and Resources

    Have peace of mind knowing that SWAP’s got your back. We’ll help you find work and housing, conquer our various transit systems, gain insider tips, access resources specific to your needs (medical, employment, personal interests), and help you cross all the items off your Canadian bucket list. Get advice and information, use computers, and talk with us about your goals and plans. We’re all enthusiastic Canadians who have lived and travelled throughout Canada and the world, and we understand the unique excitements and challenges of living abroad. We’ll be here to cheer you on — in the job market and at the pub!

    You'll get:

    • Arrival orientation, covering the basics and more!
    • Access to our hosting centres with our open-door policy
    • Ongoing advice and support from our staff (by phone, email, or in person!)
    • Accommodation assistance
    • Online membership lounge filled with resources
    • Travel support & tips (buying cars, insurance questions, where to go next!)
    • Assistance with any work permit, employer, or landlord issues
    • 24/7 emergency support line — because life happens!

  • Application Support

    We’ve been welcoming international youth into Canada since the 1980s. As a Recognized Organization, we are familiar with the IEC application process, and can provide our support and expertise as you go through your application. We'll work with you to make sure your application is ready to go before your paperwork is submitted to the Canadian government. During your application process, you’ll receive:

    • Detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to fill out your visa application paperwork, including information on the IEC pool selection process
    • All the visa forms, information, checklists, and tips you'll need
    • Your SWAP Pre-Departure Guide, to help you prepare for Canada once you’re approved and ready to come to Canada!
    • The opportunity to contact our SWAP staff by phone and email prior to arrival for any questions or concerns
    • Support and advice for getting application documents and crossing the border

  • Registering for the Work in Canada PLUS program

Live and work in Canada in the most stress-free way imaginable

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    Irish nationals aged 18-35

  • Registration Timeline

    2-3 months before you want to come to Canada. Spaces are very limited – contact us ASAP to secure your spot on our program!

  • Length of Visa

    2 years upon entry into Canada

  • Required Savings

    You must have the equivalent of at least $2500 CAD when you come into Canada

  • For Only

    Please Note: Our Work in Canada Plus program is now closed for 2019. Please check back here in the fall of 2019 for information on the upcoming 2020 year.

Program Reviews

  • "It’s one thing to book a ticket and hop aboard a plane, but it is another to build a life in a foreign place. But I did, and it’s all thanks to SWAP’s expertise and unending support; from polishing resumes to travel planning. Your help, and friendly ears to listen to any worries, have been invaluable through my time here in Canada."

    Ciara J.

  • "It’s been beyond amazing to be a part of the SWAP family! From day one the SWAP team made me feel so at home. I was never on my own here and with all their help I settled in so fast. Just knowing SWAP was there made everything so much easier."

    Kathryn E.

  • "I can trace most of my Canadian necessities back in some way to the SWAP program. Most of my accommodation, employment, and friends that I have made came as a result of attending SWAP events and using the resources provided by SWAP staff."

    Rhys H.

  • "There are so many things that this organization does for everyone, from all the events to helping with jobs. Without SWAP, I would have had a really hard time adjusting or gathering information on how things work in a new country. The events are just awesome! One of the best things that happened because of SWAP is that I made friends that will be with me forever."

    Jan B.

  • "SWAP managed to give me a home so far away from my actual home. From the first day at the SWAP office I knew everything was going to be fine and work out. I still enjoyed coming to the SWAP office to talk and exchange stories, print, get my mail or ask for suggestions and tips on my next road trip!"

    Julia G.